What a tournament!!!

Oregon Impact held it’s annual Benefit Golf Tournament / Scramble: Get With The Club – Drive Against DUII yesterday at Stone Creek Golf Club in Oregon City. We had 175 golfers & volunteers participating in a day of team fun. Lots of laughter, birdies and bogie’s all in support of our mission to end impaired driving. With some of the golfers, taking the golf club away from them would end their impaired driving : ) Sorry Larry………….I couldn’t resist!

Next year’s tournament will be Wednesday July 18th 2012. Mark your calendars, come play and help support our mission. We got in front of 10,000 youth and countless families last year to educate them about impaired driving. This tournament is our biggest fundraiser with all the proceeds going to Oregon Impact to help fund our school programs.

You too CAN make a difference!!! Come visit us at Oregon Impact and see what we’re all about!!


We’re all doin’ it!!!!

Yes ineedee we are all doing it! If you’re communicating with someone, you’re networking….plain and simple. Just this morning I talked with a friend of mine who has a house for rent in Hood River. I called another friend who now lives in Hood River and is looking for a house…….BINGO!!

Last week I got a call from Huy Nguyen of Metro Toy Drive He asked me if I knew of a child who was hurting in some way whether it be health, wealth, family or whatever that he could share toys with. Huy’s mission with the Toy Drive is not to focus on toys only at Christmas, kids need toys all year round and especially if they’re hurting in any way.

I called Danyel at NW Eyecare Professionals and she gave me Susan and Trinity’s phone number. I then gave it to Huy & he got in touch with Trinity’s mom Susan. Trinity is very sick spending alot of her innocent 10 yrs. in and out of Doernbecher Hospital. Long story short, they were the “representatives” of what the Toy Drive is all about last Sunday at Huy’s Christmas In July Fundraiser. Bringing a smile to a child and hope to a mom. Hope because of a man named Gregory Cox, who is using his contacts at the Mayo Clinic to find grant money to pay for Trinity’s next transplant. He is also checking into monies to help with Susan with living expernses.

See what I’m talking about???? Embrace communication and you can change the world. It’s all about networking and it pays off for everyone!!!

Enjoy your day……………it was made for you!


What a great day!!!

It wasn’t that the weather was so great, however it was pleasant. It wasn’t the fact I got a nap in today, although that felt nice. It wasn’t even the fact that when I discovered I forgot to buy fresh vegetables for dinner while at the store on Sunday, I improvised.

It was because I got to visit with one of my closest friends, Fern Wilgus and discuss some really cool things coming up for both of us. Talked with my sister Shawn and was elated to hear she joined a painting class to brush up (good one huh? ; ) on a style of painting she wants to learn more about. Fixed a dynamite dinner for husband and he’s doing the dishes. And last but certainly not least, sent a great picture to my nephew Jacob who is in boot camp at Camp Pendleton, he’s becoming a Marine and I couldn’t be more proud. The picture will bring a smile to his face and that’s my goal!!!

Thank you God………….You done good!!!

Graduation party!!

My sister Ann’s two kids Ryan and Amanda graduated from college this year. Tonight we got together as a family for a celebration BBQ at Annie’s. Soon after the BBQ all of us ‘old’ folks left and I assume the “real” party began. My Uncle Bruce and Aunt Ellen drove down from Kennewick Wa. to join in the festivities. Uncle Bruce is Daddy’s younger brother. When talking and laughing with him tonight I was stunned at how much he looked like Daddy. I guess I’d never noticed it before. His gestures, his quick humor, and his beautiful blue eyes.

We lost Daddy Sept. 19th 2003 and we all love and miss him terribly. He was an absolute blessing to this earth and touched many lives when he was here as he continues to do from heaven. The consummate protector of his wife and girls. Taking care of anything and everything that need be. Seeing Daddy in my Uncle Bruce tonight made the evening that much better. Knowing Daddy was enjoying the BBQ, loved the laughter, and is so very proud of all his grandchildren. He passed a special message to his girls too…………Good work girls………keep it up!!

143 Daddy!!!!! Sleep well

You're worth it!