Joseph is born!!

Thirty seven years ago right now 7:17am Pacific time, my sister Tina was driving me (kinda fast) to Emanuel Hospital in Portland Oregon as I was in labor. Three hours from now I would be bringing a beautiful baby boy into this world whos parents would name him Joseph. When Joseph was an infant, he went with his new parents to live and he’d grow up New York.

My wish and dream for you my little boy of so many years ago, is that you’re happy, healthy, following your passion living and living a purpose filled life!

Funny thing…………I woke up this morning with my back aching. My heart has never ached about my decision so many years ago to give my child up for adoption. I loved him enough to know he needed real parents. Not 17 year old kids who would never be able to give him the life he deserved!!!!!

Oh yeah………..I remember now!

I’m glad I remembered though it would have been nice to remember a little sooner. Like remembering I used the last of the milk yesterday before I poured the cereal into my bowl this morning!! In truth……I didn’t really remember we were out of milk. I was gently reminded when I opened up the fridge this morning and reached for it. Oh well……..I like Fiber One’s caramel delight flavor with or without milk. I’ll check the butter before the English muffin goes in the toaster.

Is it just me or what do you think?

Tell me I’m not alone here!!

I know for a fact if I was going to be cleaning my fence with a power washer and saw my neighbor who lived across the fence from me working in her flower beds, I’d let her know what I was going to be doing and ask if it would interrupt what she was doing. I am however NOT half of the inconsiderate couple living behind us. SO……………..yes you guessed it, water came on, water came through the fence without so much as a ‘how do you do’!

Maybe I’m old fashioned, it could be the way I was raised however being polite and considerate of others was always something we lived by and gravitated towards. NOT to live with an “it’s all about me” agenda like these people.

He did answer “yes, there’s no soap” and even smiled when I asked him if if was just water.  So I guess there’s hope……………..ya think???

Oh, oh,oh, oh……………now that I’m inside the yahoo’s done. It just HAD to get done when I was outside working didn’t it buddy????? I’m going to have lunch, watch Gunsmoke & take a nap. He might not be such a ‘yahoo’ after a sandwich, Matt Dillon & a nap : )

Thank you God!!!

WooooHoooo!! The massive layoffs at Husband’s company are over and he’s still employed!!! However, two of our very good friends are no longer there. In fact Rick’s been a mentor in my past optical career and Husband’s current, for years now. It was very emotional for us that he was one of the many who were layed off.

I will have a little celebration for Husband. I’m baking him some biscotti ( his favorite cookie – bonus I’m Italian) and tonight one of his favorite dinners. If you can believe it, meatloaf and baked sweet potatoes. I’ll make a tossed green salad with green onions, brocolli, mushrooms and add tomatoes from our garden with bleu cheese dressing. Ya know………………..I’ll be able to get just about ANYTHING I want after this. Gotta go plan.

Ciao for now

It’s a “Toast Conspiracy” I tell ya!

Once again this morning I failed to remember to push the button down on the toaster to make our toast. I just know there’s a “toast conspiracy” out there tryin’ to mess with my head.

I’ll betcha…………I’ll just betcha……’s headed up by someone who flunked toast making while doing their Occupational Therapy in R.I.O. And since I passed, they’re trying to convince me I need to take that class again.

Gardening…………gotta love it!!!

Part of my month long journey of successful rehab in RIO, was Horticulture Therapy. Legacy Good Samaritan was the first hospital in the Pacific NW to implement a program of this kind. Leading that program to the success that is has become today, setting up all the Legacy gardens is Teresia Hazen. Teresia has taken her knowledge of horticulture therapy, injuries that involve extensive rehab and married the two.

This program was such a godsend for me while enduring all the ‘grizzly’ hours of rehab after I sustained my Traumatic Brain Injury. While working all the rehab skills, it introduced me to a love of gardening. A safe, and very much enjoyable way to implement beauty and calm into my chaotic new world.

I now volunteer for Teresia helping maintain the beauty of the garden while finding the ‘inner calm’ gardening does for me. I’m there on Thursday’s and sometimes get to go to Legacy Emanuel Children’s Hospital and work in the garden Teresia’s set up there. The garden at Emanuel is magical, with it being ‘themed’ for children. It’s interactive with fun places for the kids to climb and tables set up for them to read or do projects. Kids especially don’t want to have to ‘hang out’ in their hospital rooms all day, and the garden is a safe and welcomed getaway from their hospital environment.

There is a special garden at all 5 Legacy Hospitals with the same think in mind. Healing from nature. Teresia Hazen, we thank you for all you do in your part of our healing. Do stop by and visit if you’d like to see Teresia’s, the patients and volunteers special touches on Mother Earth.



A student forever…

I’ve often heard…If you stop learning, you start dying.

I hold that truth close to my heart. This way, when I forget to push the button down on the toaster that sends the toast into its cavity, I can go back to my rehab in R.I.O. where I had to LEARN to make toast and know the countless lessons paid off!!!

Thank-you, thank-you to all my doctors, therapists & staff in R.I.O. Your dedication made it possible for me to learn my new journey through life. A purpose filled journey which allows me to give back to other Brain Injury survivors through BIRRDsong. The survivor led brain injury support organization I co-founded. Our website is going through a growth cycle right now, so if you’d like information about Brain Injury, you can contact me through this post and I’ll get you the information you need or lead you in the correct direction.

Another great organization BIRRDsong is a part of  BISC, Brain Injury Support Community. This is another great resource for information about Brain Injury. You’re never alone through this journey. My hope is I can make it less painful for you by sharing ways to embrace your new beginning!!

Saving lives!!

I had the opportunity last night to save lives at the Multnomah County VIP (Victims Impact Panel) that is run by TNTT (Trauma Nurses Talk Tough) at Emanuel Hospital. Tonight I get the same opportunity for Clackamas County. The Clackamas County VIP is run by Oregon Impact & is held at Milwaukie Christian Church   5197 SE King Rd. in Milwaukie Or.

This is a part of my living a purpose filled life. By sharing my near fatal & life altering experience at the hands of a hit & run drunk driver, my hope is to help to put an end to impaired driving.

You're worth it!