Practice kindness daily!

As we begin a new school year, take a minute to say a little prayer for the kids that don’t fit in. The kids that come home in tears, because they sit on the buddy bench at recess- and even then no one will play with them. The kids that are “different” at school. Pray they know they are loved, pray they know they are special, and pray they find their tribe of friends.
Teach your kids to be kind. Teach them to reach out to those who seem to need a friend or buddy. The best way to do this is to model this ourselves……
Copy, paste and share the love. #projectbkind. #loveoneanother

A phenomenal day at hand!!!!

Later this morning I’ll be going to my Civil Tongues Toastmasters meeting. Then I’ll head over to Good Samaritan Medical Center for the 70th anniversary RIO garden party where I’ll be doing a book signing from 4:00 to 6:00.

Thanks to my dear, dear friend Cynthia Slauson Thurber for hanging out with me today and being my wheels!!!

Ohhh how I love life!!!

After our fabulous breakfast, I did the dishes, took out the garbage and recycling, got dinner in the crock pot, (pork sliders!) cleaned out the birdbath to get it ready the solar water fountain I’ll be putting in there for the birds and all before 9:00! Now I’m ready to go hit the Montavilla Farmers Market for cherries, raspberries and other yummies!!!

Then, and only then, will I take my second nap! 🍒🍆🌽

You're worth it!