2018 TBI Conference Comments

Comments from attendees at 2018 Washington State TBI Conference.  Joan Miller was keynote speaker.

  • Joan was awesome! And I am so appreciative she was there to share her storyTBI Survivor & Conference attendee
  • I found it fantastically healing and inspirational to find another BI survivor that I could relate to and could relate to me too. I learned a lot from her. I was pleased, honored & privileged she came to the Tacoma TBI Conference. TBI Survivor & Conference attendee
  • I was inspired by Joan’s story. She certainly went through a lot! TBI Survivor & Conference attendee
  • I appreciated Joan’s openness and knowledge of TBI that so many have a hard time talking aboutTBI Survivor
  • Joan gave me encouragement as well as a ‘can do’ attitude when taking control of my life, Survivors need more messages like this because we don’t get that from the medical communityTBI Survivor & Conference attendee
  • I appreciated Joan’s honesty and “been there done that” to let people know ‘they were not alone’ in their new journeyTBI Survivor & Conference attendee
  • I hope more conferences have Survivors speak. This is where we get so much of our personal learningTBI Survivor & conference attendee
  • Joan stepped into my world and showed me what it was like to truly support a stranger. Somehow, she found me. I was lost, she was kind and she got it! Survivor & Conference attendee
  • Because of Joan’s knowledge, support, big smile and heart, I was able to start a support group 5.5 years ago – TBI Survivor & Conference attendee

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