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Help is all around us!

FYI – If you ever need help with your grocery shopping, say it’s hard to stay focused and/or are afraid of getting ‘lost’ in the store. Contact the store and tell them your name and when you’ll be coming and that you need someone to help you shop. The store manager will then arrange to make that happen. I’ve personally contacted Winco and Fred Meyer about this. Winco’s policy is anything our customer needs, we’ll make it happen! Happy grocery shopping !

I LoVE Ellen!!

I just watched Ellen’s special ‘Relatable’ on Netflix. It was absolutely hysterical & I teared up at the end. One day I WILL meet her and thank her for bringing laughter back into my life when I wasn’t even sure who I was, and realizing every one of us is important and has the capability to touch or change a life! Thank you Chuck Goetschel for your influence and support to make that happen!

To this day it still hurts :(

Happy Birthday Tom McGill! Or ‘Gilligan’ as you were known to many of your friends. Your parents, family and the world for that matter, had no idea what would be coming their way for the next 18 years making your entry on Halloween. You touched many lives, one of those was mine. I know you and Greg are partying in heaven today. You never could resist a good party, possibly because you were the life of so many of them. I’ll eat a Butterfinger today in your honor! Rest In Peace 🙏😇

I think it’s just common sense!!!

For the record, if you’re employed in a large Medical building, and a patient who just steps out of a room asks your help in finding her way to the lobby, telling her it’s the same way that she came in, is NOT the correct answer. If I remembered how I came in, I wouldn’t have asked how to get out!

There’s your lesson for the day in common courtesy!!