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I’m having a bit of trouble, you’ll need to speak up please!

You may want to listen to your inner voice when it tells you to double check your gym bag especially if you’re going swimming & make sure you have underwear. It might save you from a ‘commando’ ride home.

And let us not forget……….I ride the Lift and it’s very seldom a straight shot!!

A TRUE friend is the best friend to have!!

 Thank you Kelly M Sharp for coming by today and helping me get my head on straight. To help me figure out why things weren’t lining up the way I thought they should and to remind me not everything is in my control. Most important………..NEVER stop having fun ’cause that’s what I do best and when I’m most effective! She summed it up by saying……be like Chuck Goetschel.

Love what you’re doing and why you’re doing it!!

How it was wrapped was a bit confusing

What an amazing day at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital & Medical Center yesterday 3-12-15! I stopped to visit a friend & see how her granddaughter Cami was doing. Donna told me how phenomenal the visit, at my referral, Cami had on Monday with Dr. Bruce Wojciechowski aka Dr. Bruce of NW EyeCare Professionals was. Also at my referral, Cami’s seeing Dr. Danielle Erb today and when she mentioned that to Dr. Bruce, he was thrilled.

Another blessing from my greatest gift, my TBI.

To be able to connect people and help them on their journey is living a purpose filled life. Right Chuck Goetschel!!!

What an experience – amazingly cathartic!!!

I had an amazing experience while I was volunteering at Good Sam on Thurs. 3-5-15. For the first time in my 15 years since the crash on June 12th 1999, I went into the room where I spent the month of intense rehab at the Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon – RIO at Good Samaritan Medical Center.  This was the room I was flown to via a medical Lire jet to after my coma and 2 weeks in ICU at McKay Dee Medical Center in Ogden Utah. The opportunity to go into the room was always there, I obviously just had to be totally ready and yesterday was the day. I wondered if I’d remember anything since that time of my life learning who I was and what I could do was a daily adventure with a huge set of challenges attached. It was absolutely one of the most cathartic things I’ve done since the crash! The bed was still in the same place and I could see all the pictures of family members, friends & pets that were hung on the wall to help me start remembering my world. When I looked out the window it brought back vivid memories of why I thought I was at St. Mary’s Academy and why I thought everybody was nuts telling me I had been hurt and was at a hospital. I was stunned at the feeling of strength it gave me and also a feeling of freedom. It was almost as if I could fly and nothing was in my way.

Second verse same as the first…..

  Monday Sept. 8th I spoke at the VIP for Multnomah County at Legacy Emanuel Hospital. It’s run by TNTT – Trauma Nurses Talk Tough. There were about 150 people in the audience who were completely fixated on all the speakers. It’s great to see firsthand when we can get through to people. Now it’s up to them to make wiser choices when drinking and NOT get behind the wheel.

Tuesday Sept. 9th took me to Oregon City for the VIP put on by Oregon Impact. I’m thankful I have the opportunity to play a part in changing a person’s thinking and possibly saving lives. Whether they’re the lives of innocent victims, or the impaired driver. It’s all about education and good choices!!!

Whooda thunk it??

OK here’s the deal…I was born on Friday the 13th with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck, survived a car crash in ’99 by a hit & run drunk driver that should have taken my life or at the very least left me in a vegetative state & now live with a Traumatic brain injury. And, after a fall & trip to urgent care for possibly a broken big toe yesterday, leaned from a very surprised doctor that I have 3 more bones in my foot than most humans. In fact, he’d never seen a foot like mine before. Goes to say Chuck Goetschel doesn’t it, that God indeed has plans for me!!

An strong emotional connection!

What a great day it was yesterday with Dr. Bruce Wojciechowski at Pacific University as part of his TBI panel. The audience are students thinking about adding Vision Therapy to their optical practice when they graduate. It’s always an honor to speak with Dr. Bruce to Dr. Hannu Laukkanen students. I have deep respect for both men and to represent their fine skills and what they do to help the Brian Injured community is awesome! These students now have the opportunity to do the same, if they make that choice. That’s why I love doing this!!!!