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Walking my path………….


This is the cover of the book my story will be a part of. It was originally in the July 2015 issue of TBI Hope & Inspiration magazine.
About the Book

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) affects millions of people around the world every year. Brain injury, however, is a family affair. Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters – all are touched in some way when brain injury becomes part of life.

“To Be Inspired – Stories of Courage and Hope after Brain Injury” is a collection of stories by souls who have found a way to live life after TBI. You’ll read story after story of people – people just like you and me – who have found the ability to build meaningful lives.

The book will be available on Watch for an early August release date.

Prepare to be inspired!

Results………so soon?!!

Results of my multi-tasking have just come in!

1) I started a new load of laundry when there were clothes still in the washing machine.
2) I knocked over & spilled a water bottle in the fridge. (I have a really clean shelf now however it started with some ‘not so nice’ language.)
3) I ended up wearing the plastic wrap I intended to use to cover a bowl. I may have gotten away with that look in high school, however a 58 year old woman………….not so much!
4) I know there’s a fourth thing but I’ve already forgotten it!! I’m thinking that’s a good thing however I’ll probably discover it tonight…………..or in our dinner!!

Say goodnight Dick……………..

Did anyone get the number on the license plate???

I don’t know why after 16 years & knowing what I require in terms of rest that I thought I could go about my morning without my morning nap. I promptly laid down only AFTER I was walking from the kitchen into the front room, missed the doorway and walked into the wall instead. I will admit though that I should have been tipped off I needed rest when I rammed my foot – TWICE – into the kitchen chair. Yup, same chair & foot too!!!

Nap was nice however I’m still a bit leery of knives today!!

What red stuff?

I’ve recently started eating ketchup with my fries when I bake them for dinner. I’m thinking I may need a bit more practice though because tonight I dipped them in my tomato soup instead. And, since I did it more then once a habit was then ‘born’ so I had to stop, visualize where the ketchup was on my plate, then dip my fry in the correct substance. God bless Brain Injury!!!!

I’m going for ranch next time, it may be simpler!