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It was exhilerating!!!

My interview today with Scott Stevenson from Civil Tongues Toastmasters at Open Signal went great! We were both relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. They’ll be sending me a link to it in a couple weeks which I’ll post on Facebook and my website. If I can help at least one person, then I’m still headed in the right direction.

Always moving forward~~~~~

How you can change the world!

I have a new Rally Cry – Be a Shawn!!!

It came to me after reading an email she shared with me from a friend, regarding my biography “Learning to Make Toast” by Kelly Sharp. I’d like to share it with you now –

Shawn: Thank you so much for lending me this book. I’m only 1/5 of the way through it, because I need to put it down and rest for a bit. Your involvement in your sister-in-law’s recovery is understated, no doubt. I wish I had such a person in my life. I relate to so much of your family’s experience, after having become my mother’s primary caretaker after her 2000 ischemic stroke. It did not render her nearly so compromised as Joan, but I wish I had known even a bit of your families’ experience before living through my mother’s.

I’ve bought several copies of the book to give to my brother, my nurse/stepdaughter (who works in both adult and pediatric ICU), and a friend whose relative is going through a similar experience. How we take our minds for granted! And what amazing development takes place as we mature even with no cerebral insults!

You can find the book on Amazon. Together we can ALL make a difference in this world. Be a Shawn!!

Joan Cornely Miller

I didn’t need college for this!!

What an honor today to be asked by a therapist to give a patient, who is neurologically challenged like myself, directions to the gift shop. When I saw her family in the garden later on, they thanked me profusely because she not only found it, she felt proud she had done it!!

Since I could ‘talk her language’ it was another affirmation my brain injury is the greatest gift I’ve ever received!