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You could have knocked me over with a feather!

Today was a very cool day! I was at Good Sam talking with a couple volunteers, one of which is a very good friend, Caisa Adamovics Blount, when the book came up. Kelly (the other volunteer) asked me if I wrote a book & what the name of it was. I said I didn’t write it and the name of it is ‘Learning to Make Toast.’ She said I’ve heard of that book. Is that about someone who survives a really bad accident and goes on to………then Caisa pointed her thumb towards me & I said “I’m the person who survived that crash.” Kelly emphatically said “NO WAY!”

Apparently it came across her news feed from a internet book store to watch for it. The ‘blurb’ about it was enough for her to remember the content and that’s pretty darned cool!!!

It’s a the publisher’s now so soon….very, very soon!!!

My gift……………..a TBI 18 years June 12th 1999.

I had another fabulous day volunteering at Good Samaritan Medical Center!! I’m advocating for a good friend of mine and the information I got from the fantastic therapists in RIO was nothing short of stellar!! She will have so much more quality of life, I was in tears!!! Tears of joy!!!

God Bless Brain Injury!!!!

It’s that simple, it’s what I do!

I met Gigi today at Good Sam coming out ICU & noticed she looked lost & confused. I asked if I could help & she said she was looking for coffee. I said I’d take her to the cafeteria to get some coffee and maybe she’d like to grab a bite as well. She shared with me she’d been there since 5am. I asked her if she’d like a pillow so she could rest when we got back from the cafeteria. I noticed her shivering & asked if she’d like a blanket with the pillow. She was beside herself with joy. On the way to the cafeteria she shared with me her mother was brought in by ambulance and she was scared. When we got to the cafeteria, I took her to the coffee and told her it was on me. Then I asked her to get something to eat & I’d take care of that too. With tears in her eyes she looked a little stunned but very appreciative & started putting a salad together. I asked her if I she’d like a bowl of mixed fruit too. She eagerly said yes, told me I didn’t have to do this and kept thanking me. I told her it was my honor to be able to help her and asked if she’d like a cookie or muffin too. After we left the cafeteria, I walked her back to ICU, introduced her to my friends that volunteer in ICU & asked them if the could get Gigi a pillow & blanket. They said they would take care of it, then find her a couch in the corner where she could curl up and rest. I did this because that’s what Mama would do!!! Right Tina Keefer, Rita Hale, Ann Cornely, Linda Cornely & Lisa Cornely Flury? It’s my purpose! Thanks Chuck Goetschel. It’s what you’d do too

There’s always some kind of twist!

I’d like to share something with you today you DON’T want to do. After you put your bread in the toaster and push the lever down so it will toast, DON’T put your fingers in the slots if you need to move the toaster to another spot on the counter! I’m sure I learned this in ‘toast making’ while in RIO however may need a refresher course.

What do you think Michelle Johnson Moffet?

I didn’t need college for this!!

What an honor today to be asked by a therapist to give a patient, who is neurologically challenged like myself, directions to the gift shop. When I saw her family in the garden later on, they thanked me profusely because she not only found it, she felt proud she had done it!!

Since I could ‘talk her language’ it was another affirmation my brain injury is the greatest gift I’ve ever received!

Fighting back tears!

I was invited to, and spent a great day with the gals at the Rock Creek Ladies Club, at their yearly luncheon at Rock Creek Country Club. The proceeds from the raffle at the luncheon this year went to RIO at Good Samaritan. Because I am a success story of RIO and an ‘unofficial ambassador’, I was asked to share my story with the group. I met so many wonderful women who almost brought tears to my eyes with their kind words and heartfelt thoughts.

They said I was inspiring, I say they are!

The ultimate surprise!!!

I was honored today when Janet from The Cellar Gift Shop at Good Sam asked me to attend a luncheon & raffle for the Rock Creek Ladies Club at the Rock Creek Country Club. The proceeds from the raffle will be going to RIO. I was appointed unofficial ambassador for RIO and Janet wants my story in front of more people.

It’ll also be a wonderful opportunity to market my biography due out early 2017 “Learning To Make Toast” by Kelly Sharp.

The joy in volunteering!!!

Yesterday I was walking across the sky bridge at Good Sam & saw an elderly man pushing his wife in a wheel chair. I smiled and said ‘Hi’ to which he replied ‘Hi…’Thank you.’ I stopped & said ‘Thank you?’ He said ‘Yes, thank you for volunteering.’ You just never know when, & whose life you’ll touch. Start each day with a smile knowing God put you here for a purpose and discovering it is beautiful.

Thank you Chuck Goetschel for helping me discover mine!!!!

Living a Purpose Filled Life!!

What an amazing day at Good Sam today. Karen Wertheimer honored me by asking me to sit with her and listen to one of her patients play the piano. He is gifted beyond gifted. I’m talking writing his 1st concerto when he was a teenager, playing 9 instruments and sings opera. Oh yes let us not forget, written 5 books! He’s struggling because of his many challenges however it was wonderful visiting with him & listening to his rehab coming out through his fingers. Karen shared with him that I too was a patient in RIO and now I volunteer at the hospital. Then he told me that volunteering was something he wants to do, and wants to do it in RIO! Just as soon as so as he gets the ‘thumbs up’ from his docs.That’s motivation!!!! We then went to the garden where he continued to open up about his struggles and we created a nice friendship. I’ll be back to visit with him, that’s for sure!
After that, Maria Bruce & I went to Green Gables where I met Linda and her son Trevor. After talking with Linda, she was beside herself with joy when I agreed to share my positive experiences with Trevor because he was not feeling good about what he was hearing from the staff. When I left he was smiling and said he’d like to talk with me some more.
God is good!!!!!