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A phenomenal day at hand!!!!

Later this morning I’ll be going to my Civil Tongues Toastmasters meeting. Then I’ll head over to Good Samaritan Medical Center for the 70th anniversary RIO garden party where I’ll be doing a book signing from 4:00 to 6:00.

Thanks to my dear, dear friend Cynthia Slauson Thurber for hanging out with me today and being my wheels!!!

Touching, teaching, training!

I had a great day today with Cheryl Green presenting at Lifeline Connections in Vancouver WA. We did a training about the characteristics, awareness and living with a TBI. Kelly Sharp met us there and sold some books!

Thank you so much Cynthia Slauson Thurber for driving us to the event. We couldn’t have done it without you!!

I’m very blessed!

It was great to be back volunteering today and see my buddies at Good Sam. Especially my gardening partner Maria Bruce 🌷 and how cool on the way to wait for my bus, I ran into Justin Wojciechowski!! I also sold two books (Learning to Make Toast) and have a book signing at Good Sam on August 8th in the garden.

It was a good, good day!!!

And it’s not even 9am!!!!!

What a start to the day! I woke up to coffee and coffee grounds all over the counter. When cleaning it up, I burnt my hand twice and in some circumstances, made an even bigger mess. (totally out of my character) Got hair gel on my neck and in my ear, then tried to put my shoes on the wrong feet! I’d go back to bed but today I’m volunteering at Good Sam.

Oh, NOTHING could go wrong with me, a watering pot and a bucket of dirt!! 😮 Wish me luck!!

A smile and kind word is the best gift ever!

What a wonderful day at Good Samaritan today! I met a new friend and in the course of our conversation she told me how inspirational I was and how blessed she was I walked into the room and was tending to the plants. Needless to say, she’ll be going to the Cellar Gift Shop and buying a copy of ‘Learning to Make Toast.’

She was absolutely delighted by the name and was looking forward to learning more about me.

There’s NO excuse to drink and drive!!!!

I got a call this morning from Christine Pitawanich of KGW News asking if she could come over and interview me. KGW (ch8) is running a piece tonight about New Years celebrations and all the options available so people don’t drink and drive. Watch for me and Oregon Impact’s crash car trailer at Pioneer Courthouse Square and how UBER’s partnering with Oregon Impact!! I also mentioned my biography, Learning to Make Toast. Christine snapped her own picture of me holding the book as well as it being a part of the interview!

Don’t just merely exist……..LIVE!!!!!

I was on the elevator at Good Sam today, going from the 5th floor down to one when some good friends of mine got on. Donna Morrison asked me to speak at a gathering, attend a Christmas party, speak and do a book signing there too! God Bless Brain Injury and Kelly Sharp the author of my biography, Learning to Make Toast!

Life is ALL about living!!!!