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The ultimate gift!

Happy Birthday Joseph!! Forty five years ago a very scared and young girl in Portland OR. gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who God guided into the hearts and arms of your loving parents. My birthday wish for you is the same as my wish for you everyday. Health, Happiness, and God’s graces for you and your family.

As your maternal birth grandmother would say: Be good to yourself! 🥰

Touching and changing lives!!!

I was talking to a volunteer at equine therapy and she said she had given her copy of Learning to Make Toast to a friend whose son had a brain injury. The mom read the part about when you were trying to make toast to her son, and her son burst into tears. He said it was the first time he’d ever had a way to explain to his mom what it was really like to have a brain injury.


Learning, Doing, Teaching!!

My new speech “Putting The Calm in a Crisis” went really well today with the Portland Kiwanis Club. The people in this club have great energy and their questions were thought provoking. They are all about learning and it most definitely showed today. Ideas were tossed around that many people benefited from. I even got a referral from Connie Jean Shipley to one of the members in hopes of getting me speaking up at OHSU!

A friend in need is a friend indeed!!!

I’m looking forward to, and rehearsing my speech for this Wednesday I’ll be delivering at Civil Tongues Toastmasters. It’s about the importance of mentoring and how a particular friend and mentor in my life helped shaped me into becoming a better speaker. Thank you Susan Lehr!

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He’s the magic man………….he’s got the magic hands – Fleetwood Mac

I just got off the phone with Dr. Blake Welling of McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden UT. He is the neurosurgeon who saved my life 20 years ago yesterday. For 20 yrs. now I’ve called him on my birthday to thank him for giving me another one. He told me today how much he looks forward to it, and how happy it makes him feel. Like Dr. Bruce, another brilliant Dr. with absolutely no ego!!!

God is sooooo good!!!