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There’s NO excuse to drink and drive!!!!

I got a call this morning from Christine Pitawanich of KGW News asking if she could come over and interview me. KGW (ch8) is running a piece tonight about New Years celebrations and all the options available so people don’t drink and drive. Watch for me and Oregon Impact’s crash car trailer at Pioneer Courthouse Square and how UBER’s partnering with Oregon Impact!! I also mentioned my biography, Learning to Make Toast. Christine snapped her own picture of me holding the book as well as it being a part of the interview!

Wheeled in and walked out!!!

In a short while I’ll be visiting with, and giving hope to patients and their families at the annual RIO Christmas party at Good Samaritan Medical Center. I was asked to share my journey in RIO, my stumbles and more important, my successes. I’ll be signing books emphasizing to always keep moving forward. No matter how tough it gets, someone’s always got your back and once you set a goal, you can achieve it!!!


An amazing day, an amazing Doctor!

I saw Dr. Elizabeth at NW EyeCare Professionals (Dr. Bruce Wojciechowski) & she made me cry; tears of joy!!! She shared with me that she pretty much knew she was going to specialize in Neuro Optometry and after she heard me speak at Pacific University with, and about Dr. Bruce, it sealed the deal! She wanted to intern with him and now is his resident! I have never received a greater compliment then to have a student want to learn from, and be as dedicated as Dr. Bruce!!! THAT’S why I do what I do!!! For the community I love so much!!!

God bless brain injury!

How you can change the world!

I have a new Rally Cry – Be a Shawn!!!

It came to me after reading an email she shared with me from a friend, regarding my biography “Learning to Make Toast” by Kelly Sharp. I’d like to share it with you now –

Shawn: Thank you so much for lending me this book. I’m only 1/5 of the way through it, because I need to put it down and rest for a bit. Your involvement in your sister-in-law’s recovery is understated, no doubt. I wish I had such a person in my life. I relate to so much of your family’s experience, after having become my mother’s primary caretaker after her 2000 ischemic stroke. It did not render her nearly so compromised as Joan, but I wish I had known even a bit of your families’ experience before living through my mother’s.

I’ve bought several copies of the book to give to my brother, my nurse/stepdaughter (who works in both adult and pediatric ICU), and a friend whose relative is going through a similar experience. How we take our minds for granted! And what amazing development takes place as we mature even with no cerebral insults!

You can find the book on Amazon. Together we can ALL make a difference in this world. Be a Shawn!!

Joan Cornely Miller