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Life was just beginning…………..

19 years ago today, Husband’s & my life were permanently changed in a near fatal car crash by a hit and run drunk driver in Ogden Utah. Because of the wisdom of Chuck Goetschel, I discovered my purpose & why I survived the crash. To inspire TBI survivors that there is life after a TBI and is dependent on making good choices to keep moving forward! Life is ALL about choices so make them count for the good and safety of yourselves and others!!!

Creativity at it’s finest!

Because I was up early I decided to make Husband’s favorite, potato rolls. Possibly I was up too early because I only added 3 C flour instead of 4. That was after I killed the first package of yeast and had to start again. I plopped my potato roll creation in a 9×13 pan, I’ll let it rise for the second time then bake it as is.

I think I just made my first batch of potato bread sticks

Practice, practice, practice!!

Hey Carolyn Martin, I’m working on a speech I’ll be giving at Toastmasters this Wednesday, then the next two weeks I’ll be doing parts of my keynote speech to get ready for the Tacoma TBI Conference on May 29th & 30th.

Possibly we could get together sometime in May and I could give it to you complete with PowerPoint and see if it needs any ‘fine tuning?”

It still hurts!

43 years ago today, God took Tom and Greg home. It was devastating news and a pain in my heart I will never forget. Tom, you touched the world with your humor, rocked the world with your music, and now make the face of heaven shine even more bright. I’ll continue to honor your life by sharing your story to teens in hopes they make good choices BEFORE they get behind the wheel.

This type of pain is preventable

It was exhilerating!!!

My interview today with Scott Stevenson from Civil Tongues Toastmasters at Open Signal went great! We were both relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. They’ll be sending me a link to it in a couple weeks which I’ll post on Facebook and my website. If I can help at least one person, then I’m still headed in the right direction.

Always moving forward~~~~~