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Today is the Rose Bowl in Pasadena Ca. & the University Of Oregon Ducks are gonna kick some Wisconsin Badger butt!!

Yesterday husband & I went to the fabric store so I could pick up some fabric to make Gayle Hogue some small pillows. She is having a double mastectomy and the small pillows help ease the pain when she sneezes, coughs, or simply clears her throat. I’ll make two different sizes so she’ll have optimum comfort depending in the severity of her surgery. I used to make them for the breast health center at Good Sam and they were greatly appreciated. Husband was best man at Gary & Gayle’s wedding so they’re a part of our family. She means the world to me, I love her deeply!!!! Would anyone reading this please send prayers and positive thought to Gary & Gayle Hogue. Husband & I would greatly appreciate it and thank you!!  There’s so much power in prayer. I’m living proof!!

I saw some Oregon Duck soft pile fabric so I also picked some up and I’ll be making Dr. Bruce and Nancy some fun pillows to do whatever they want with them. They’re such HUGE Duck fans that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by.

A TV star?????

I was interviewed on Thursday the 29th of Dec. by Amy Frazier of KOIN TV Local 6. Amy and her cameraman Ty came over to the house (on a 1 hour notice) to do the interview. She wanted to interview the victim of a drunk driver, called Oregon Impact & Janelle gave her my name. Janelle then called me to tell me about it, gave me Amy’s number and said if I was interested to give her a call. I called Amy and Viola!! I was on the 4:30, 5:00, 6:00, & 11:00 news. They did it in different segments touching on different points using pictures from my power point. They did an awesome job! I found out from Janelle on Friday that it had aired that morning as well. It made it to their website too!

Another really cool thing was as she was leaving Amy mentioned to me if I had anything I’d like her to cover she was always looking for a good news piece. I asked her if she’d like to do a story about brain injury and the support we have here at the local level. She said she’d be interested so I told her I’d be in contact with her. This will be a great way to let peole know about BIRRDsong & BISC and the help we have to offer.  I’d also like for her to meet Dr. Bruce and do a piece on the importance of Behavioral Optometry to persons with brain injury.

Yesterday Dec. 30th,  Janelle & I took food Oregon Impact provides via donations from Old Chicago, Sweet Tomatoes, Starbucks & the QFC on 55th & East Burnside to the Portland 911 operators and dispatchers and the officers at the Portland Police Traffic Division. They’re conducting a saturation patrol this New Year’s weekend. Meaning lots of additional officers on the streets looking for impaired drivers. The way Oregon Impact says “Thank-you” to the officers for these patrols & 911 for taking all the extra calls is by making sure everyone involved has good and refreshments before hitting the streets or taking the calls.

I was interviewed at the Police station too (total surprise) however it didn’t make the news. Maybe because it was Channel 6 again. I dunno & that’s okay because there were LOTS of other stories that focused on impaired driving so it’s all good with me.

WOWEEEE What a weekend!!

It’s taken me until this morning 12-12-11 to catch up on what happened this weekend it was so glorious!!

It started with my appointment at NW EyeCare Professionals Dr. Bruce’s practice. Let me rephrase that, Dr. Bruce’s perfection, it’s hardly practice what he does there!

When I met and first started seeing Dr. Bruce way back in Aug. or Sept. of ’99 it was just months after my TBI and my eyes were a real mess! Not only was I seeing double, my right eye had become so strasbismic that every time I  turned my head what I was seeing could move to triple images and kind of ‘float.” At the time he refracted me with a 12 diopter base in Fresnel prism with an additional 5 diopters base up and down ground in my glasses. I required so much prism in order to see single vision it couldn’t be ground, thus the stick on Fresnel. Even with all that prism I was still seeing ‘ghosting’ images due to the information my peripheral vision was sending to my brain. I was also scheduled for Vision Therapy and was to see Carol twice a week for an uncertain time frame. We had to see how it went to know how long I’d be coming in.

Long story short, I made improvements from then until now and also had surgery to put my right eye back in proper placement. That procedure involved a scalpel and cutting into my eye to detach the main muscles, reposition my eye and re-attach the muscles. I required more Vision Therapy since my brain was getting “single vision” messages after 4 years of “double sometime triple vision” messages. The surgery went wonderful an I could see single vision again!! It was a surgical miracle in my eyes……….literally!

In another procedure years post eye surgery, through cranial sacral manipulation something was touched or moved in my head and it immediately sent my vision back to pre-surgery effect. I was devastated as with my family and Dr. Bruce. He called in the Dr. I was seeing for that procedure and the two of them worked on me at Dr. Bruce’s office together. One doctor manipulating my head white Dr. Bruce adjusted prisms for my best optimum vision. Once you’re a patient of Dr. Bruce’s, he doesn’t stop, give up, or anything short of produce miracles until you’re the best he can bring get you to!! THAT’S how good he is!!!

Last Friday 12-9-11 my life / vision was saved by him once again. To give credit where credit is due, my Vision Therapy work with Carol in the past months and my diligence to do the work needed at home payed off  BIG TIME!!! Dr. Bruce refracted me with no change to my distance vision and a total of 5 count them only 5 diopters of base in prism!!! I, at know time in my rehab, ever dreamed my eyes could have gotten so much better especially considering where they were when I walked / stumbled into Dr. Bruce’s office 12 years ago! This truly is another miracle with God being in charge of course and working through Dr. Bruce, Carol, Dr. Wheeler (surgeon) and Dr. Bruce’s entire staff. I can and could never thank everybody enough who participated in this phenomenon. I am truly blessed and it is more obvious to me then it’s ever been that I am on track and living my purpose filled life!!!

Thank you my good friend & mentor Chuck Goetschel for influencing me to find my purpose and pursue it with passion!

 I can’t wait to get my new glasses, husband’s taking care of that. After all, that’s what he does and does it with such skill and perfection. That’s my man!!!! I love him SOOOOOOOOOO much!

The weekend was finished with a call from my sister Tina telling me Adam, (her son and my first nephew) became engaged this weekend. I couldn’t have heard better news on a weekend like this. Rama is a beautiful, smart, out and out wonderful woman and they couldn’t have made better choices. She’s going to be a GREAT addition to our ever growing family as he will be to theirs! Don’t know the date or if they even have one. Adam said we’d hear more after Christmas. This Christmas will be magical in more ways then one.

 And let us not forget, my nephew Ryan and his amazing girlfriend Maddie move in together this weekend. They’re living in a beautiful apartment in the Pearl. Could Ryan and Maddie be next with the ring exchange? We’ll wait and see – Film  at 11:00 : )

 I’m tellin’ ya…………..this weekend was truly a one of a kind deal and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it!!!