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A Sunday complete with touching more lives!

 What a great interview Husband & I had this morning with Michael Jensen of the podcast Happie Heads. He asked fun and important questions about how both of us did, and still are, walking down our path of brain injury. He even bought a copy of ‘Learning to Make Toast’ which he will promoting on the podcast!

An amazing day, an amazing Doctor!

I saw Dr. Elizabeth at NW EyeCare Professionals (Dr. Bruce Wojciechowski) & she made me cry; tears of joy!!! She shared with me that she pretty much knew she was going to specialize in Neuro Optometry and after she heard me speak at Pacific University with, and about Dr. Bruce, it sealed the deal! She wanted to intern with him and now is his resident! I have never received a greater compliment then to have a student want to learn from, and be as dedicated as Dr. Bruce!!! THAT’S why I do what I do!!! For the community I love so much!!!

God bless brain injury!

A fabulous day!!!!

The interview Kelly Sharp and I had today with Joey Harrington went fabulous! He’s got to be one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet with a really quick sense of humor too. I found out I went to high school with his mother-in-law, and my brother-in-law Christopher Flury worked on her house! Small world for sure. The piece will be airing next Wednesday 10-11 at 4:00pm. He also gave me great contacts for speaking and said to use him as a reference, and talked about how to set me up to appear on national TV. It was a good, good, day!

A total success all the way around!

 Sunday’s (09-30-17) book launch of ‘Learning to Make Toast’ by Kelly M. Sharp was an absolute and total success! Carolyn Martin, my friend, speaking coach, & mentor emceed and a what a professional, nailed it! Husband shed tears as he spoke, that was tough, Dr. Bruce Wojciechowski said so many kind things about me he had me in tears, I was in awe when Susan Lehr, Shawn VanDoren, Kathy Richard & Michelle Johnson Moffett spoke. Kelly Sharp was delightful as well, reading the chapter about my life of crime to introduce John was a stroke of genius! Seeing friends from grade school, like Diane Silva, Kenny Rommel & HS like Lori Thom, Marie Steiner was the coolest and friends I have made since the crash was wonderful! The flowers Janelle Godfrey Lawrence put together were beautiful and it wouldn’t be a party without her! My sister Linda Cornely did a marvelous job catering, having my sisters and Ryan Stillwell and Maddie Midgett there too topped off the day. I was bushed when it was over but what a great, great day! Signed and sold lots of book too!!

A fabulous, fabulous day!!!

I had a great day today with Dr. Bruce Wojciechowski at Pacific University. I shared with 3rd quarter Optometry students how Vision Therapy was such a huge part of my TBI rehab and how by specializing in it when they set up their practices they’ll have the opportunity to impact thousands of lives!

I met Ann & Adrian, who I can’t wait to see again and spend time with. I feel confident future Behavioral Optometrists walked out of that classroom today!!

I’ll be steppin’ it up!

The contest is on & I’m signed up to speak! Phase one of the Toastmaster International speaking contest will be Wednesday 2-8-17 at Portland State Offices building 800 NE Oregon in room 1C from noon to 1:00pm. It’s the Motivational speaking portion of the contest and for quite some time now, that’s been my focus so I’m pumped!

It goes hand in hand with my soon to be published biography, ‘Learning to Make Toast’.

It’s a common mistake!!

I didn’t have any lights on & it was a little dark while we were eating dinner plus I wasn’t wearing my glasses. I set my napkin down & went into the kitchen for some water. When I came back (it was less then a minute) I couldn’t remember where I set it. I sat down and low and behold, I saw it on my plate. I went to pick it up…………..NOPE cottage cheese.

You’d think I’d know by now when I should be wearing my glasses right Danyel Johnson??

Maybe a new housekeeper???

 When I was uncoiling the cord from my vacuum today, it flipped out of my hands and the ‘plug in’ part flew up & hit me in the head right where my plate is attached to my skull. I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how bad that hurt!! I was certainly glad however, it missed my eye. It looks as if I may have to start wearing a hard hat and safety glasses for vacuuming.

What’s your take on this Dr. Bruce Wojciechowski & Danyel Johnson?

Another step forward & be able to see where I’m going!!!

I go in tomorrow at 9am for my hr. & 1/2 blethoplasty surgery. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had a scalpel even close to my eyes however I have total faith in Dr. Scot A. Sullivan at Portland Oculoplastics. I really like him and he came highly referred by Dr. Bruce Wojciechowski! That’s all I need to know he’s at the top of his game! That’s all Dr. Bruce associates with!! Husband’s all ready to spoil me rotten next week and that I’ll enjoy that!
You’ve got my back right George Kuiawa?
I’ll soon be posting before and after pics however will probably be off the electronic & digit grid for awhile. Gots to let my peepers heal!

Thanks for all your prayers & support!!!