I’m very blessed!

It was great to be back volunteering today and see my buddies at Good Sam. Especially my gardening partner Maria Bruce 🌷 and how cool on the way to wait for my bus, I ran into Justin Wojciechowski!! I also sold two books (Learning to Make Toast) and have a book signing at Good Sam on August 8th in the garden.

It was a good, good day!!!

You never are, or accomplish anything alone. It takes a village!

I’m really excited about my Toastmaster meeting today. I’ll be sharing a portion of the keynote speech I’ll be delivering at the TBI Conference in Tacoma on May 30th. The members of Civil Tongues Toastmasters have always been instrumental with their help, making sure my message gets across clearly & with the intention I desire.

The group ROCKS as do you Chuck Goetschel and Carolyn Martin, my personal support tools!!!!

Practice, practice, practice!!

Hey Carolyn Martin, I’m working on a speech I’ll be giving at Toastmasters this Wednesday, then the next two weeks I’ll be doing parts of my keynote speech to get ready for the Tacoma TBI Conference on May 29th & 30th.

Possibly we could get together sometime in May and I could give it to you complete with PowerPoint and see if it needs any ‘fine tuning?”

Another opportunity to be a positive influence!

I just got a call from the gal who runs the VIP (Victim Impact Panel) for Clark County asking me to speak on their panel. Normally there’s an ‘interview’ process to see if my story is relevant to what they need, however when she heard a snippet of mine, she said she’d call me back later today with the schedule. She wants me hands down! No interview necessary.

Movin’ and shakin’ Chuck Goetschel, following your lead…………

You're worth it!