God bless service dogs!!!!

A friend of mine & her service dog came over for a friendly visit today. In the course of our just talking about daily stuff, she opened up and shared something with me that absolutely rocked me to the core. Thank God for her service dog. He obviously knew I was shaken, as was his owner sharing with me and he immediately came to me putting his paw on my lap and one on his owner as well. He wouldn’t leave my side, even laying on my feet until he knew I was okay. I wasn’t crying or anything of that sort, this amazing dog just knew I was shaken up!!!

Is there anything he can’t do?

6 hrs


Kelly Sharp & I were interviewed by THIS Piano Man on Wednesday. A accomplished pianist, former U of O quarterback, turned reporter for KGW news and THEEEE nicest, most genuine man you could ever meet! Thanks Joey Harrington, for all the lives you’ve touched and continue to touch!

Jason Mraz – Piano Man (Cover) with Joey Harrington and John Popper

Thanks to turquoiseBellaLuna! Here you can see who’s playing the piano. It’s Joey Harrington! Enjoy!

A fabulous day!!!!

The interview Kelly Sharp and I had today with Joey Harrington went fabulous! He’s got to be one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet with a really quick sense of humor too. I found out I went to high school with his mother-in-law, and my brother-in-law Christopher Flury worked on her house! Small world for sure. The piece will be airing next Wednesday 10-11 at 4:00pm. He also gave me great contacts for speaking and said to use him as a reference, and talked about how to set me up to appear on national TV. It was a good, good, day!

Another cool, cool day!!!!

Well this is cool! Joey Harrington former U of O quarterback, now reporter for KGW news is coming over tomorrow early afternoon to interview Kelly Sharp and I. Joey reports on people who are making a difference in their communities or beyond. I think the piece will be airing tomorrow night however I’m unsure of the time. When I find out, I’ll post the information.

A total success all the way around!

 Sunday’s (09-30-17) book launch of ‘Learning to Make Toast’ by Kelly M. Sharp was an absolute and total success! Carolyn Martin, my friend, speaking coach, & mentor emceed and a what a professional, nailed it! Husband shed tears as he spoke, that was tough, Dr. Bruce Wojciechowski said so many kind things about me he had me in tears, I was in awe when Susan Lehr, Shawn VanDoren, Kathy Richard & Michelle Johnson Moffett spoke. Kelly Sharp was delightful as well, reading the chapter about my life of crime to introduce John was a stroke of genius! Seeing friends from grade school, like Diane Silva, Kenny Rommel & HS like Lori Thom, Marie Steiner was the coolest and friends I have made since the crash was wonderful! The flowers Janelle Godfrey Lawrence put together were beautiful and it wouldn’t be a party without her! My sister Linda Cornely did a marvelous job catering, having my sisters and Ryan Stillwell and Maddie Midgett there too topped off the day. I was bushed when it was over but what a great, great day! Signed and sold lots of book too!!

You're worth it!