Cool beans baby!!!

Episode 20- Joan and John Miller | Happie Heads
Posted on February 19, 2018 by Michael Jensen

Joan and John are a delight. Witty, rambunctious, and sincere are just a few adjectives I could use to describe….

What a day!!!

My plan was to cook a great dinner tonight for Husband using my crockpot.  I put in all the ingredients, put on the top and turned it on. I decided it was time for a nap so I laid down for a few hours. When I woke up  (1 & 1/2hrs. later)  I checked the crockpot to see if it was warm. It was then I realized….I FORGOT TO PLUG IT IN!!  I plugged it in and then went on to do some computer work which turned out to be a bad idea. I thought I’d add some kale to my dinner and make a couple salads. Then I went back to screw up some more things on the computer. Forty five minutes later I checked the crockpot only to discover I hadn’t put the lid on correctly so it wasn’t tight. If we eat tonight (other then PB & J) it’ll be a miracle!!!

A smile and kind word is the best gift ever!

What a wonderful day at Good Samaritan today! I met a new friend and in the course of our conversation she told me how inspirational I was and how blessed she was I walked into the room and was tending to the plants. Needless to say, she’ll be going to the Cellar Gift Shop and buying a copy of ‘Learning to Make Toast.’

She was absolutely delighted by the name and was looking forward to learning more about me.

It’s what we do!!

What a great day I had at Central Catholic with Jeannette Robart & Cynthia Slauson Thurber representing Oregon Impact. We spoke to four classes and they took part in games that showed what it’s like to drive impaired, and how it’s impossible to text and drive and remain safe. We were invited back to do it again tomorrow for three additional classes! Saving lives is what Oregon Impact is all about!!

A Sunday complete with touching more lives!

 What a great interview Husband & I had this morning with Michael Jensen of the podcast Happie Heads. He asked fun and important questions about how both of us did, and still are, walking down our path of brain injury. He even bought a copy of ‘Learning to Make Toast’ which he will promoting on the podcast!

It doesn’t get any better then this!

What an amazing day so far and it’s only 12:45! I got a call this morning from one of my dearest friends, Gayle Avila Hogue from Smyrna TN. We talked, laughed at ourselves, and pinky swore about some things. I just returned from a fabulous lunch at Screen Door with my childhood best friend Diane Silva, The food was great but being with Diane was fabulous!!!!

Now it’s nap time and I’ll drift off to sleep with a big smile on my face. I am indeed a very blessed woman!!!!

You're worth it!