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  1. Hello Joan! What a wonderful website you have! I work at KOIN 6 news and one of our reporters mentioned your name and everything you’ve been through. We were hoping to speak with you today because we are so close to the Super Bowl and of course, increased drunk drivers on the roads. Do you have time today, hopefully this morning? You can email me back or call 503-464-0614. Thanks!

  2. Joan! I am so glad that you are getting the funding for your book; your “story” is that of extreme pain, courage, perseverance, humility and recovery. You truly are an example of what it means to overcome adversity and to thrive despite it. I am grateful to have been classmates in high school at SMA and am glad to be able to connect more with you post-high school as well: (last saw you when I was training Jake with Mara and Paws to Freedom). We never know where God is taking us, but we do know that we never walk alone. Grateful to have a chance to help get your book “out there.” Lori

    1. Thank you for your kind words and support Lori! I too love the fact that I understand why God chose me to walk this journey and look forward to helping others see the value in their lives.
      Be peaceful and be safe!!


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