Santa Claus is coming to town : )

I’m in the Christmas spirit that’s for sure!! Yesterday husband & I went to Best Buy and bought ourselves a 51″ Plasma Christmas present. I’ll let you figure it out ; ) Husband surprised me, saved his pennies and it’s all paid for. No buying on credit for this family!!!

We’re giving the apparatus (TV) we’re replacing to Sacheen and her kids. It worked out so very cool!! I was thinking of who we could give it and the stand to and Sacheen’s name popped into my head. I called her to see if she’d like it and she almost cried. She told me due to finances she was only able to get just one gift for all her kids and it was a Play Station. However the TV they had was too old to play the games. They were going to save for a TV after Christmas then had car problems. Her kids, she has three, all decided the car was more important to save for then the TV so that’s what the family had decided. Unbelievable kids for sure!!!! The day before I called, she had been praying for a miracle and that something would work out so her kids could play with their Play Station. Her DVD player was also broken and we just happen to have one for them as well. Lo and behold from Sacheen’s lips, to God’s ears, then to mine. Husband couldn’t be happier that it worked out for Sacheen and her kids. They’re a wonderful family, she’s a single mom and to bring joy to them simply warms our hearts!! THAT’S what Christmas is all about!!

To celebrate, I’m cleaning up the house & getting it ready for Christmas, baking pumpkin biscotti and playing Christmas music. We’re getting our tree tomorrow………I can’t wait!!!

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