A morning with the group, Thrive!

I was asked by a counselor / case worker who runs a young adult brain injury support group called Thrive to come in and share my story. Kath, the counselor approached me stating they love to hear from other brain injury survivors especially if the survivor has a success story. To say the least, I was honored she asked me.

Yesterday at Emanuel hospital I addressed the group. It wasn’t a big group and had two of Dr. Rik Lemencello’s students attending also. The questions from the group were fabulous, very well thought out, with my answers very much appreciated. It’s a great group of kids and Kate’s doing such a great thing bringing them together in this ‘peer’ associated way. I shares BIRRDsong information with them which was well received. It sounded as though a few of the group members are planning to attend our Holiday party Dec. 3rd. I hope so, it will be a fun morning and a great way for them to meet some more of their peers who can possibly help them on their journey of life with a brain injury. It’s an ever changing path so the more company we can keep to lessen the burden, the better.

We ate pizza, celebrated a birthday, laughed and shared hugs. I can’t wait to see them all again!

Husband picked me up then we were off to Walmart so I could do a little Christmas shopping. I almost bagged it once I got in the store and even with the help of a Walmart associate, couldn’t find the item I was looking for. Instead, I scratched it off my Walmart list an ventured on. Got most of the rest of the stuff and tomorrow brings a new day, hence a new store with the items I couldn’t find added to my new list. It all works out in the end WHEN you just stick to it!!

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